A new website. A new album.

One day, I was walking from my kitchen to my living room. I had just poured myself a bowl of potato chips, and was thinking about love songs.

“All the love songs lied to us,” I thought to myself.

And then I checked to see if anyone had written a song by that name. I couldn’t believe nobody had written it yet.

And so I wrote it. And with that the new album, All The Love Songs Lied To Us, began.

These songs come from a place deep within. Far more than any of my previous songs. They ask questions about Romance in all its forms: how we get tricked, you might even say seduced, into believing myths, ideals, and half-truths about a lot of things. About life, about love, about war, about songs themselves. And how living life itself cures us of those romantic notions.

This website is a little online home for that new album. Thank you for checking it out. The band and I will be releasing it in September, touring the Yukon and some festivals a bit before that, and touring and festivaling more in the fall.

I hope I can sing one of these songs to you from one of those stages in one of those places. I hope some line or melody from them resonates in a chamber of your heart for a little while.

Until then, I remain, your humble servant,
Li'l Andy

Trevor Browne